The Family That Puzzles Together …

In December’s issue, Associate Editor David Steensma, MD, shared his lifelong love of word games, and how he went from fighting over the newspaper puzzle page to crafting crossword puzzles each year for ASH News Daily. Apparently, annual meeting attendees aren’t the only fans of these puzzles. Aaron Gerds, MD, MS, editor-in-chief of ASH News Daily for 2016, shares a letter from his mother-in-law who, despite not being in the medical profession, looks forward to taking a stab at each year’s crossword puzzle.

To the editor:

I was introduced to the daily newspaper for the ASH annual meeting when my son-in-law brought back several issues last year. Having lost a sister-in-law to multiple myeloma, I was interested in looking at related articles in the paper. Much of the content went over my non-medical head, so I was happy to see something I did recognize – the daily crossword puzzle! I share Dr. Steensma’s love of word puzzles and was able to complete a lot of them. I even got some of the hematology answers – either via other clues or by asking my son-in-law.

I look forward to the 2016 puzzle from the latest annual meeting.

Eva Colligan

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