Cinder, a New Dating App From ASH!*

Mikkael Sekeres, MD, MS
Director of the Leukemia Program at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, ASH Clinical News has been trolling for ways to promote that most elusive of emotions – love – while providing an important public service for the smallest constituents of ASH’s membership: blood and bone marrow components.

Introducing ASH’s Cinder. More than just a dating app, Cinder is a hematologic movement! Swipe right if you like a component or left to move on to the next. Below are sample profiles of participants who are looking for friendship (and so much more …).

T Lymphocyte

I’ve been told that my love can be infectious. Photos of me from previous partners have even gone viral. I find vaccines stimulating, but alkylating agents are a total buzzkill. Whatever happens between us, I will always remember you. PETs okay.

Pluripotent Stem Cell

Primitive, perhaps, but I can see our relationship evolving and maturing.


I’d like to wrap my arms around you and consume you with my love! Am I sending the right signals? You’re my cyto-kind of guy!


Okay, I’m not really a cell, but should the lack of a nucleus come between us? Into group activities, like forming a thrombus, and travel to exotic places like the lung vasculature. I’ll stop the bleed and meld with you.

Natural Killer Cell

Yo, NK here, I don’t need no antibodies or MHC to react to your love! But don’t let my name scare you off; I’ll adapt to your needs, because my tenderness is innate!

Red Blood Cell

Interested in a short-term, 2- to 3-month relationship in which I can be the universal donor of affection. Too little of me, you’ll start panting for more. I can always find a way to B positive. Baby, I’ve got my erythro-cytes set on you!

Mast Cell

Flushed? Feel warm all over? Heart racing? Light-headed? Loving me can be a total release. 

Factor VIII

Descendant of royalty. Have a bit of a complex with factor IX. Recombinants are no substitution for the real deal – you can’t replace me.

Factor IX

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


You are so good looking! I love what you did with your hair! With a name like mine, I’m sure to complete you. It’s true that when I get activated with my friends, we get a little crazy and have a tendency to break things, but I’m selective about that – LOL! Into classical and alternative pathways.

Bone Marrow Stroma

Come over to my crib, and I’ll create a mood that is stimulating and supportive for you to grow as an individual. Microenvironmentally conscious.

*ASH’s real apps – the Pocket Guides, Practice Guidelines, and Annual Meeting app – are solely intended to match inquisitive minds to outstanding education and research in hematology.

With thanks to David P. Steensma, MD, for critical review of the manuscript and imprimatur for having a modicum of humor and biologic accuracy, and to Marc J. Kahn, MD, for naming the app.