Notes From the Field

Readers responded to two of our recent articles that offered a candid look into the daily lives of physician-researchers and advice for thriving as a hematologist.

I found Dr. Stewart’s latest Editor’s Corner (“Burnout? What Burnout?” July 2018) refreshing. Very seldom do you read of the daily life of a physician in such candid and honest terms. We need more of these articles because no physician’s job is really easy.

Larry Parrott, MD
Emeritus ASH member
Camden, SC

I agree with Dr. Silver’s advice about “the three A’s” (availability, affability, and accessibility) from “Advice for the Graduating Hematologist” in August 2018. I suggest there is a fourth “A” that is becoming important to many of the payers: Affordability.

Joseph R. Holahan, MD
South Texas Hematology and Oncology
San Antonio, TX