I Loved the “Letter From a Cleveland Jail to the ABIM: MOC Madness” Article

I’m briefly writing to say that I loved the “Letter From a Cleveland Jail to the ABIM: MOC Madness” article.

I have had an ongoing level of disappointment with the ABIM since they wouldn’t allow me to take the Oncology Boards during my fellowship. Then, after a two-year combined hematology/oncology fellowship, they require I choose one specialty or another, but cannot sit for both exams. Those rules still exist. They do make exceptions for those who practice eight years in academia, but us “know-nothings” who practice in the community for more than 15 years apparently don’t learn anything, even when we share patients seasonally with every major academic institution in the Northeast and Midwest.

ASH should at least heed the advice of one of their former presidents, the late great Ernest Beutler, who advocated the official merger of hematology and oncology.

Joel Grossman, MD
Naples, FL
Board Certified in Medical Oncology (MOC lapsed – <<gasp>>)
Fully trained in and actively practicing benign and malignant hematology since 1999 without issue or the right to sit for the exam. 

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