Editor's Corner

Editor's Corner

ASH Clinical News’ Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors offer their perspective on current topics in hematology and health care. The content of the Editor’s Corner is the opinion of the author and does not represent the official position of the American Society of Hematology unless so stated. Have a comment about these editorials? Let us know what you think; we welcome your feedback. Email the editor at ACNEditor@hematology.org.

These Are a Few of My Least Favorite Things

Although not validated by CLIA-certified genomics testing, I believe that I am certifiably of Scottish descent and, therein, probably have the genome of a...

Letter From a Cleveland Jail to the ABIM: Redux

Dear American Board of Internal Medicine, Remember me? I’m the guy who sent those other letters to you over the past couple of years, in...

A New Year, A New Set of Resolutions

It's the dawn of a new year, and I’m sure this is one of many columns in many different publications you will read in...

Belonging to a Club That Would Have Me as a Member

Even though I had practiced my oral presentation a bunch of times, I still cringed when the session moderator announced the abstract number, title,...

A New ASH Publication Dawns

Welcome to the first edition of ASH Clinical News magazine! This new, monthly publication from the American Society of Hematology arose in response to the...

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June 2018, Volume 4, Issue 7

This issue features a look at gaining oral parity for cancer medications, the unavoidable "bubbles" in which people live and work, and more.