U.S. Lags Behind Britain In Use of Biosimilars

Use of lower-priced biosimilar versions of rituximab in the U.K. have yielded savings of 80 million pounds ($113 million) per year for the National Health Service (NHS). The NHS estimates that these agents will continue to save the country up to 300 million pounds ($423 million) per year as more biosimilars become available. A biosimilar of AbbVie’s rheumatoid arthritis drug adalimumab is expected later this year, as well as one of Roche’s cancer drugs, bevacizumab.

Uptake of biosimilars in the U.K. has outpaced the U.S., where the slow process of regulatory approval and complex system of rebates incentivize use of brand-name drugs. Read more from ASH Clinical News about this class of drugs and what it takes to bring biosimilars to market.

Source: Reuters, March 21, 2018.