Novel, Magnetically Controlled Drug Dissolves Blood Clots Better Than Standard Thrombolytic Enzymes

Researchers at ITMO University and Mariinsky Hospital in Saint Petersburg, Russia, described an injectable, magnetically controlled drug capable of being condensed onto a blood clot via a magnetic field, in an article published in Scientific Reports.

In clinical trials, the drug was able to dissolve blood clots 4,000 times more effectively than currently available treatment. The medication requires a lower dose than standard thrombolytic enzymatic drugs, which also are potentially associated with more adverse event risks because, unlike the magnetically controlled drug, they pass through the entire blood circulatory system.

The basis of the new drug is a composite material (a sol-gel magnetite matrix) that carries urokinase more efficiently and directly to the blood clot. The composite material is controlled through the use of a magnetic field, which helps direct the path of the nanoparticles and protects the inhibitory substances naturally present in the blood from the drug.

The researchers noted that the new drug can also be produced at relatively lower costs than presently available therapies.

Source: Drozdov AS, Vinogradov VV, Dudanov IP, Vinogradov VV. Leach-proof magnetic thrombolytic nanoparticles and coatings of enhanced activity. Sci Rep. 2016;6:28119.