NIH All of Us Research Program Expands to Include More Medical Centers

The National Institute of Health (NIH) announced that  the All of Us Research Program a precision medicine research initiative with the goal of collecting data from one million people about health differences influenced by lifestyle, biology, and environment added three health-care provider organizations to its network of partners. Combined, the new awardees will receive $13.8 million to fund efforts to enroll participants, gather participants’ health information, and help retain participants in the program through ongoing engagement initiatives.

The awardees are the Southern All of Us Network, the SouthEast Enrollment Center, and All of Us, Wisconsin. Each regional system includes several research centers and medical universities.

These new partners extend the geographic coverage of the All of Us program and strengthen its reach within underserved communities, including lower-income, Latino, African-American, American-Indian, and rural communities.

“We want this program to reflect the rich diversity of our country,” said Eric Dishman, director of the All of Us Research Program. “Working with participants across the country, we hope to contribute to medical breakthroughs that may lead to more tailored disease prevention and treatment solutions in the future.”

Source: National Institutes of Health press release, August 29, 2017.