Mexico to Revamp Health-Care System

The Mexican government announced plans to improve its health-care system by extending insurance coverage benefits to its poorest citizens. The country’s current system includes one insurance program for private-sector employees, which is subsidized by their companies, and another for government workers. Self-employed individuals – mostly poor farmers and street vendors – fall outside of the system.

“More than half the population has no health insurance,” Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador told AP News. “This program is for them. It is for everybody, but the emphasis is to care for those with no insurance, the poorest people.”

Under the new plan, which will be implemented over the next two years, individuals who do not have insurance will be eligible to receive emergency treatment at hospitals that are better funded than the local clinics they would typically use, and uninsured individuals will have greater access to affordable medications. President López Obrador also plans to increase transparency and eliminate fraud and corruption within the bidding process to supply medications to the government.

Source: AP News, December 14, 2018.