Head-to-Head Trial Finds Carfilzomib Not Superior to Bortezomib in Newly Diagnosed Patients With Multiple Myeloma

In the head-to-head, phase III CLARION study of patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma, carfilzomib did not improve progression-free survival (PFS) compared with bortezomib (median PFS = 22.3 months vs. 22.1 months; hazard ratio = 0.91; 95% CI 0.75-1.1).

The CLARION trial included 955 patients from 213 locations in the United States, South Korea, Spain, and France who were randomized to receive melphalan and prednisone plus bortezomib or carfilzomib. Though these are preliminary results, they failed to show a statistically significant difference in overall survival between the two treatment arms.

Fatal treatment-related adverse events were also higher with carfilzomib (6.5%) compared with bortezomib (4.3%; p value not provided).

Sources: Reuters, September 27, 2016; Amgen news release, September 27, 2016.