Coronavirus Quarantines, Closures, and Travel Bans May Impact U.S. Biotechs

Chinese contract research organizations (CROs), which are often staffed with scientists trained in American labs, have become a go-to resource for U.S. biotech start-ups looking for help designing, testing, and manufacturing drugs. Amid the recent coronavirus epidemic in China, though, investors and executives are concerned that efforts to contain the outbreak may delay the research that CROs perform for their companies.

Since the outbreak of 2019-nCoV, travel to and from China has been limited. The Chinese government has forbidden travel in and out of Wuhan province (the epicenter of the epidemic), as well as nearby cities in Hubei province. Airlines have cancelled flights to destinations around China through March, and Americans returning from Wuhan have been quarantined.

Source: STAT, February 11, 2020.