CVS Unveils Tool to Help Identify Cheaper Treatment Options

CVS Health introduced the Rx Savings Finder: A system that can check for less expensive medications, higher quantities at lower costs, and drug discounts to potentially decrease costs for patients and encourage treatment adherence.

“The power of this tool… is we have access to the information that we need to be able to provide options to our customers to save them money,” said Kevin Hourican, executive vice president of retail pharmacy at CVS.

With this system, pharmacists can compare prices and view less-expensive alternatives, such as generic drugs. During the pilot phase, CVS found that 95 percent of patients and 85 percent of doctors opted into the program.

The pharmacy system will initially be available to patients who use CVS’ pharmacy benefits manager, Caremark, and the system is expected to become available to other major payers this summer.

Source: CNBC, April 10, 2018.