ASH Selects Hematologists for 2017 Visitor Training Program, New MIPS Reporting Tool Available, and more

ASH Selects Hematologists from Developing Countries to Participate in Training Program

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) selected 25 hematologists and medical professionals from developing countries for the 2017 Visitor Training Program (VTP). Participants train for up to 12 weeks at host institutions throughout the world, in the clinic or laboratory of an ASH member mentor. Their areas of study vary from bone marrow transplantation to hematologic malignancies and the management of sickle cell disease (SCD). Additionally, participants are assigned a counselor from the ASH International Members Committee to help oversee their progress. After the program, participants return home to implement their newly acquired hematology skills and knowledge.

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New MIPS Reporting Tool Available

ASH teamed up with Healthmonix, a 2017 Qualified Registry, to provide ASH members with the option to sign up to report data for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) through Healthmonix’s MIPSPRO. MIPS is one of two pathways in the new Quality Payment Program through which physicians will be reimbursed for treating Medicare beneficiaries.

Physicians who meet certain eligibility requirements must report data to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for the 2017 MIPS performance year. ASH members can choose from one of four packages – to report the minimum data to avoid penalties or to report on all three MIPS performance categories (Quality, Improvement Activities, and Advancing Care Information):

  • Lite: Participate in MIPS minimally and avoid CMS penalties
  • Basic: Report quality data and qualify to earn CMS incentives
  • Standard: Report quality data and improvement activities to maximize CMS incentives
  • Plus: Report all categories and maximize CMS incentives

Clinicians can register and report individually, or a representative from a practice can report for multiple providers. Healthmonix submits data directly to CMS. Watch the MIPSPRO demo at to learn more.

Become an Advocate in the Fight for Hematology

ASH has launched an online advocacy toolkit to provide members with the information and guidance necessary to communicate with elected officials on issues that directly affect hematology researchers, clinicians, and patients. These issues include funding for the National Institutes of Health; government involvement in SCD research, training, and services; safe and affordable patient access to prescription drugs and therapies; and physician reimbursement. The toolkit explains how members can become advocates by:

  • emailing or calling their legislators
  • using social media to engage with elected officials
  • attending a town hall meeting
  • working with ASH staff to set up in-person meetings with elected officials

The toolkit is available at

Award Applications for Fellows and Medical Students Now Open

The ASH Research Training Award for Fellows is open to junior researchers aspiring to careers in academic hematology who need protected time to conduct clinical, basic, or translational research. Each recipient will receive $70,000 in salary support for one year. For more information and to apply by the January 15, 2018, deadline, visit

The ASH Physician-Scientist Career Development Award is open to medical students interested in clinical, basic, or translational research. Awardees gain experience in hematology research under the mentorship of an ASH member and receive $42,000 of funding for one year. For more information and to apply by the January 15, 2018, deadline, visit